The reason

Since starting out in this industry in 1998 I’ve moved from web design to web development. For more information on what skills I’ve acquired in my journey see The Resume page.

Most people are either designers or developers. I have both skills is a rarity so I consider myself quite fortunate to be in this position – that is having the ability to be able to deliver on both fronts.

I’ve always wanted to be able to harness Internet technologies and to deliver a high-value sustainable online application visually and functionally. Sounds quite like a “clichĂ©” I know but it’s true! The thought of a process heavy site, needless animation, or dynamic processing, I’ll stop…yes, that’s a good idea.

Now we have the reign of one click install CMS’s (Joomla, WordPress etc…).  Someone asked me if the one stop solutions will make people like me extinct; All I could say is that there is a huge difference between a “my first website {dot} com” and one that a developer has created, even if the developer had used a CMS framework as the base of for his website, you know, managing content and so forth.

My industry ethos is simply this;

To have a “can do” approach to all ideas and projects making sure that I can deliver original and enlightening websites that are able to excel and solidify any company’s visibility upon the World Wide Web.

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