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I began my career originally in Office Administration and IT Networking surprisingly. Over time and endless WWW surfing I came to believe that even though many websites had “flashing lights” and “were all singing and dancing” so the saying goes a balance had yet to be found which made a website easy to use but also not taking away the creative and bespoke design.

Hence i3lance was formed…and ever since I’ve taken to designing and developing online applications/sites – as simple as being in its static form to complete dynamic multilingual or transactional applications/sites – like a fish in water.

Before I could swim though, like all developers you need your ‘floats’, I started out using floats in the mid 1990’s. But got rid of those things fairly quickly!

2008 to 2014 really saw me begin on focus on front-end CSS/HTML, web standards, Information Architecture, User Experience and middle-ware development.

Today I’m regarded as an User Experience Design Specialist using Information Architecture, User Experience skills with advanced CSS, HTML, JQuery, JavaScript coding ability. Other strong skills are ActionScript 2.0/ 3.0, Adobe Flex, most other front end web languages and specialising in Web Standards. I have also has advanced experience in back-end developing, Database modelling, methodologies, whilst working within environments such as Oracle, .NET, (MVC), FatWire, WebLogic Wicket and WordPress.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time using MySQL products but am also proficient in MSSQL. Dynamic legacy languages such as ASP are also a speciality.

Over time I’ve been fortunate enough to build advanced experience in almost 15 different web languages and skills as well as meet some great designers and developers along the way.

However, in recent roles the coaching and mentoring skills I started to learn from around 2010 crossed over into people mentorship, coaching within organisations, which has blended with the management responsibilities in my roles.

I’ve always had a strong desire in helping others attain success, which in turn helps to grow an organisation.

Outside work you’ll find me supporting charitable organisations, travelling, networking and scuba diving.

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