UX Approach

I love designing solutions that solve problems.

The key to doing that is understanding what I call "The 'W's'" (who, when, what, why...and how) use cases for your current solution in order to re-create a better version of it.

I utilise all of my UX skill set and knowledge of human psychology and heuristics to help achieve that.

Let me take you through an overview of my approach.

4. HTML Coding & Validation

It's important during development that the designs created are following closely to maintain the UX principles applied. Validating the built solution to a high standard is a key part to the project. Many customers choose to utilise my design project management skills at this point to help guide the development to completion.

5. UX Solution Delivery & Iteration

Now it's time to get your hands on your design! However this should never be the end because as your business grows, your users evolve as do their needs so applying UX principles to iterate your solution will be a key part of the UX process to your continued success.

"Your project success is based on you understanding that it's about your users, not about you."

"I run hands-on interactive workshops, that help discover the motivations behind why users do what they do, then harness that influence into the solution using the UX process."

  • “I want to congratulate you for the good job you’ve done till this moment...we are comfortable with the design (UX / UI) you’ve made.”
  • “This was my first time working on a project like this and Desi was wonderful to work with. I liked the way he structured the UX one-on-one meetings with our field teams and thought he asked some great questions. And I was happy to see the finished product.”
  • “What Desi managed to accomplish during a two day UX workshop was remarkable. When he arrived, the project was weighed down and unsure which direction to head. With his guidance and expertise Desi transformed the project into something that was positive, user focused and intent on delivering a simple and purposeful application.”