Zurich Insurance required a mobile first application. It was an application that enabled high ranking members of staff at Zurich to obtain high level data driven information.

Using Qlik data analytics as the underlying engine that drove the data content, I was able to base the UX discovery meeting around this and ideation on the fly how the application could potentially look.

Using the lean UX approach the UX Discovery moved to rough draft wireframes where what the designs where based upon and completed using Adobe PhotoShop.

This also included designing from a UI perspective a data responsive able that was prototyped in HTML5.

The UX discovery workshop was run on-the-fly with the customer, taking their requirements and sketching out ideas. It was a two half-day sessions, where at the end of each session the customer had the opportunity to digest the ideas generated from each session.

Due to the sensitivity of the customer's data, what is shown are only a sample of the output from the sessions conducted.