Travis Perkins plc is a British builders' merchant and home improvement retailer based in Northampton.

It operates 1,900 outlets, and has more than 27,000 employees in the United Kingdom & Ireland.

The Travis Perkins team presented a challenge that wasn't entirely unique in the BI industry, but was unique to their organisation. They realised that their business needed to migrate solutions from Qlikview to a HTML5 responsive framework with Qlik Sense used as a foundation for analysing their data.

The web portal would need to be a web based solution with an intuitive design embracing their brand and deliver an enhanced experience for their suppliers.

So after initial discussions with the Travis Perkins team, a UX Design workshop was organised with 50 users attending.

What was the UX approach? Being user centric. There would be hundreds of users accessing the portal not just the 50 that were in the workshop. Understanding the collated needs, goals and frustrations enabled the successful delivery of a solution that helped to create a solution that the suppliers and Travis Perkins would be happy with.

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