The industrial professionals behind this start-up company had over 20 years in the industry and saw an opportunity to fulfil a gap in the market.

Their adage is that they "don’t just understand landlords. They are landlords. That’s how they built their business.".

The Challenge

There was a lack of harmony in the company's identity. Competitive Analysis and Sales & Support interviews were performed to discover how they could better compete and differentiate themselves from their peers in the the industry.

Journey mapping to ensure the property renting or buying flowed and a Design review followed to ensure that creatively the right direction was being followed and that it appealed to users using A/B testing.

The Result

Working on a freelance basis, we worked together to create the identity, and designed a property website powered by a Wordpress Content Management System.

The creative direction was that it needed to have a rustic feel and embrace. After the designs were approved, a vanilla theme was procured, customised and the design applied.

It was great being able to help The Property Tree team and see them continue to build on their success with their new identity.