MPA are an organisation of experts that focus on claiming back tax relief for organisations.

The MPA Group was established in 2007 and their job is to make the R&D Tax Credit claims process as easy as possible for their clients.

MPA have worked in partnership with hundreds of SMEs to help them claim the tax relief they deserve and are entitled to.

The Challenge

The MPA Group wanted to grow their market beyond SME business via the digital and other mediums. So understanding who they compete against currently and in project growth scenario's was key.

To help establish clarity we performed a number of tasks during the discovery phase such as Stakeholder workshops, Competitive analysis and the creation Journey mapping. We also wanted to understand how current customers browsed their website and interacted with them socially so Analytics and Search log reviews were done during the discover phase. Other UX activities in the process included, Process mapping, Persona creation, Usability testing, A/B testing and Design reviews.

The Result

My role as hands-on Design Manager was to lead the design team through the UX process and deliver a solution that would create user delight for their customers.

This included creating a brand strategy for MPA and providing hands-on development experience the development team.

This resulted in MPA having continued year-on-year growth, with 31 million in combined awarded tax savings in 2017.

The user focused UX process included activities such as multiple stakeholder workshops, Sales interviews, Persona creation, Sitemap construction, content strategy, Wireframes and interactive design.

Also created was their Digital Marketing Strategy, which was utilised by MPA.