The 8 hour Design Challenge.

Design the interface used on a service that provides city bikes on subscription. Take advantage of technologies such as voice recognition as you create a responsive solution.

Taking part in an 8 hour design challenge, really pushes your levels of creativity.

What tools do you jump into first? How long do you spend on each method in your process?

This challenge was useful to the point of seeing how much design thinking could go into producing the end product.

The Process

First of all, given how open for interpretation the challenge was assumed Requirements and Constraints were created. For example, it would be a responsive web solution.

I used the STAR and mind-map approach to gather my thought process and direction.

Then, I hand drew wireframes to get the design process started.

Finally, using industry standard design tools I dove into the IU Design phase.

The Results

A total of 6 responsive screens were produced. A few lifestyle shots were also squeezed into the output (an extra 20 minutes!).

Time management was a huge factor. There was only 8 hours set to complete this design challenge.

Pencil, Paper, Sketch and Adobe Photoshop to create the finished lifestyle shots were my tools of choice.

The 8 Hour Design Challenge