The BBC have are online service that includes BBC News, Sport, Weather, CBBC, iPlayer and iPlayer Radio.

The BBC are a global entity, with nine national TV services as well as maintain a number of separate ventures across the world some of which help fund their public services.

The Challenge

The Visual Design and Development team at the BBC had recently invested into Qlik Sense. But were stuck at a crossroads of how they could make the best of the new technology, cater for multiple devices and continue to gain support from within.

I was asked to model the designs around their iPlayer and BBC World style guidelines. I ran Requirements & Constraints exercises to understand my remit, as well as ran Design reviews to ensure that the delivery was what the BBC wanted.

The Result

I led the project and executed two responsive UI Designs within 2 days to help the team imagine the possibilities of what could be.

The winning of a 2 million pound project was the support response from the organisation, along with additional services that were procured including, Qlik Sense training, UX Design Enablement training, later given by me.

The challenge was coming up with feasible and imaginative possibilities of how Qlik Sense could be used within a responsive web application.

Two days were allocated to create two responsive designs that embraced several existing BBC Corporate Design Guidelines selected by the BBC team.

UX Research

This involved working with the BBC team, to get a fuller contextual understanding than the already supplied requirements documentation and understanding what solutions had already failed before beginning.

UI Design

Using Adobe PhotoShop to create the designs in a responsive view; mobile, tablet and desktop.