March 9, 2016

UX – 5 Good User Experience Techniques for User Interface Design

Everyone has their own approach to User Interface Design (UID) and it can be very subjective. Technology, current trends, a targeted audience and more can have a strong […]
February 22, 2016

UX – Techniques or Definitions User Experience Professionals should know and use

Interviews of individuals is not suited for medium to larger groups of people. It's not an effective use and if would take too long to gather the data. That being said, I've used many different techniques to help speed up my UX process and utilised methods that help retain flexibility. Here are just a few that you may already be using in your day to day UX role.
October 16, 2015

UX – 4 Tough Challenges in User Experience you can overcome

Applying User Experience, UX to any product albeit physical or digital does have its challenges. These challenge revolve mostly around people. What are some of the toughest challenges face in UX and how can you overcome them? I share 4 tough challenges that I've faced and how I've overcome them as part of my pay-it-forward series.
September 7, 2015

UX – User Testing, do you need it for your project?

What is it? What kind of ROI does UX bring to a project? First off, If a designer is working on a sizable project and tells you that this is a process their designs do not need to go through and you believe them, then dear reader you have been hoodwinked. I'll explain why.