I’m Desi

I'm a NNg User Experience Design Certified professional, with the NNg recognised speciality in Web Design and have been practicing UX since 2010.

My background is Web Design & frontend Web Development.

I have a keen interest in human psychology, I'm a frequent traveller & an active PADI advanced scuba diver.

UX Skillset

  • Adobe XD100%
  • Adobe PhotoShop90%
  • Adobe Illustrator80%
  • OmniGraffle/Sketch95%
  • JQuery85%
  • JavaScript70%
  • CSS90%
  • HTML95%

"Your project success is based on you understanding that it's about 'real people' - your users, not about you."


1998 was when I started my career in the Web industry working as a Web Designer. In the years prior to 2008 I also became proficient in animation, web development, which was a game changer, as I was able to function as a hybrid in various roles.

2007 to 2014 really saw me begin specialise on front-end CSS/HTML, Web Standards & Accessibility, Information Architecture, User Experience Design and middle-ware web development at a top 3 agency, a start-up and a large international organisation. During my time at this agency was when I began practicing UX on projects.

Over time I’ve been fortunate enough to build advanced to expert experience in almost a myriad of web and UX skills as well as meet some great people and inspiring along the way.

Today I am a Senior UX / UI Designer working with brands and organisations large and small facilitating workshops, utilising a user focused UX process - all whilst splicing human psychology into my work.

I've successfully run UX Design and stakeholder workshops that ranged from 6 to over 220 people.

The coaching and mentoring skills I have cross over into people mentorship, coaching within organisations and has blended with the leadership aspects of each of my roles.

I’ve always had a strong desire in helping others attain success, which in turn helps to grow an organisation.

Outside work you’ll find me supporting charitable organisations, travelling, networking and in case you missed it above...scuba diving!

"I run hands-on interactive workshops, that help discover the motivations behind why people - users - do what they do, then harness that influence into the solution using the UX process."

  • Natalie Law, Business Analyst
    "I've learned a lot from Desi and would highly recommend him for any project or venture which relies upon an intuitive user interface. This often make the difference when it comes to solution adoption and happy users!"
    Natalie Law, Business Analyst
  • Jonas Jonsson, Senior Director
    "His passion for design and UX combined with a calm, warm and focused mind, make Desi a valued team member.Desi was especially good at including a wider perspective in his appreciated UX workshops. We often had customers commenting on the great value that brought to the outcome. Desi would be a great asset to any team."
    Jonas Jonsson, Senior Director
  • Segiu Muntean
    “I want to congratulate you for the good job you’ve done till this moment...we are comfortable with the design (UX / UI) you’ve made.”
    Segiu Muntean
    Banca Transilvania
  • Natalie Gehazi
    “This was my first time working on a project like this and Desi was wonderful to work with. I liked the way he structured the UX one-on-one meetings with our field teams and thought he asked some great questions. And I was happy to see the finished product.”
    Natalie Gehazi
    Sanofi Genzyme
  • Benjamin J Turner, Senior UX Designer
    “What Desi managed to accomplish during a two day UX workshop was remarkable. When he arrived, the project was weighed down and unsure which direction to head. With his guidance and expertise Desi transformed the project into something that was positive, user focused and intent on delivering a simple and purposeful application.”
    Benjamin J Turner, Senior UX Designer