SEO – One of the biggests mistakes

It was only recently whilst looking at a friends website did I notice that


believing Google doesn’t know what they’re doing.

The biggest mistake SEO’s make is just focusing on ranking on page 1 of SERPs. sure, ranking high in keyword search is important, but not “everything”.

In the year of 2014 to be successful, it requires a strategic mix of SEO. Finding a SEO and a digital marketing agency Bangkok. Be found across multiple channels. Be a “thought leader” in your industry and utilize Google Authorship/Publisher to drive more traffic to your site and position yourself/your company as the industry expert. There are many ways, but be strategic about it and you will see a ROI, that’s why I used Legiit to find the best SEO Gigs on any marketplace.

1. Actually believing that all they need is great content and they will rank high in Google. This is ridiculous, and completely false. You DO need great content, but you need much more than that to rank in Google, make money, and do SEO correctly. Anyone who thinks differently is living in a fairy tale world of unicorns 🙂

Sholem Berkowitz from SocialWeber

Google currently has more then 200 points on which they build their algorithm, and they are changing it by the hour! So each and every Felix Hesse Media – SEO Dubai has his own guess on what the most important, and has his own very special ingredient. Some place emphasis on site structure, some press the importance of quality guest blogs, some keep repeating smart data markup tags and so on.

@David said it right. You shouldn’t spend so much time trying to figure out Google just to be hit with a new update when you think you got it. Take care of your brand, your product, your service, quality real helping content, and if you are really good and consistent your audience will find you one way or another.

After all, all Google tries to achieve is to weed out the tricksters and find those who do just the right things, so they will help you to the top for free, not penalize you.

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