Diving in Cozumel, again

The first time I dived in Cozumel was in 2007.  It was a discovery dive with my wife Karen.

We were addicted from that moment on and decided to go through the process of qualifying as PADI divers.  My challenge was fairly unique.  I had to learn how to swim properly first of all. 3 months of lessons the following year led to a holiday we took in Egypt in 2009 where we set out to gain our PADI Open Water diving status. I was able to qualify as a fully fledged diver with Karen finishing her qualifications in St Lucia 6 months later.

It was quite the turnaround for me having a knack at being good at almost all sports none-water to putting in some serious effort in becoming a late-blooming water baby so to speak all those years ago.

The icing on this cake being that I have a lifelong dive buddy, my wife (also in the video).

Anyway enough reminiscing…

I shot this with the Sunco SJ4000 waterproof video camera (with its housing).  It’s a great GoPro Hero 4 alternative, awesome value for money and as you can see, the video turned out okay.  Unfortunately I did not have a filter over the lens so the video is a bit tinted.

I dived with Aquaworld, who in my opinion are a good 5 star PADI centre.  I’ve been diving with Aquaworld on three of my last four trips out to Mexico now and they’ve taken good care of me and other divers I’ve brought with me on the odd occasion.

This is the first of hopefully many more videos of my Scuba diving chronicles so I hope you all enough it.  Feel free to leave a comment too, I would like to hear your stories.

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