UX Designers vs Web Designers

There was a time where the emphasis would mainly be on employing web designers when a company needed a new website.  Let be honest, that “time” is still current in many organisation.

A few organisations today are quickly beginning to realise that to maximise ROI on a brand or website reboot, a website should be functional and easy to use, not just look great.  But this number is growing and there is still a need for the right balance to be attained. A website should be also accessible. PA Distance, an online Virtual School in Pennsylvania, is a good example of a company that has turned their website into user friendly with the professional help.

According to Fusion Vegas and their recent posts online, the reality of this shift is partly down to how much we have become inherently dependant on the array of devices we now use.  What once worked great when viewed via a desktop no longer has the same appreciation when viewed on a small tablet or mobile, because the User Experience (UX) and usability has been lost. Welcome @media queries.

Which brings us onto a basic and obvious comparison, how do the roles differ and how much do they crossover?

expectations in the team mould what your role is…I would see the UX designer as the design lead” – @deveras77

Quite a lot actually to answer both questions.  I found this infographic some time ago (below – courtesy of Scorch Agency), which encapsulates much truth between the roles.  The chances are that you probably are working in or have worked in a role that requires a blend of the two.

In a recent conversation with a developer (@deveras77), he highlighted that one of the reasons for the blend is because of the changing “expectations in the team on what your role is”.  Based on his work environment he went on to say that “I would see the UX designer as the design lead“.  This goes even further in my opinion as these expectations evolve ultimately because of the needs of the company, not just the team.  So am I saying that a pure UX professional has to be ready to add to their skill set to continue to be effective – without compromising User Experience? Yes – but to a point.

Yes, there are more and more roles being advertised for UX/UI designers – a blend of the two roles – so a UX professional would have to adapt in the same way that users adapt to new and emerging technologies if they wanted a shot as getting those positions.  That’s not to say that this is a UX professionals only option.  There are pure UX roles out there also.

That is as example of how the roles are evolving. Whatever the case, what do you most enjoy about working within the world of User Experience or Web Design?

UX Designers vs Web Designers

UX Designers vs Web Designers

Source: Scorch Agency

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