How do colours affect website conversion rate?

Website colours may not seem that important to some, but the bottom line is that they really do have an affect whether someone is less or more likely to buy from your website, and that’s why having the right web design could change everything in your selling strategy, luckily you can find a good web design company from sites online that review the best services offered in the web.

I originally came across this via Neil Patel’s Quicksprout website. It’s so good and informative that I had to share it.

Did you know that colour accounts for 85% of the reason why you purchased a specific product? Did you know that people recognise full colour adsĀ 26% more than black and white ads?

The question it brings to mind is how do you currently use colour within your marketing? How ‘should’ you use colour within your marketing?

How Colors Affect Conversion Rate
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

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