How you can stay positive in the office

Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is key to how you perform and survive in the office

This is the third post or shall we say, another reality check featured about “The Office“…

Every weekday morning you get up, you travel to your job, you sit at your desk or in your office, and then you go home and do it all over again. The process can become monotonous, same stuff different day (SSDD) so the saying goes.

Quite likely you’ve spent up to a third of your WHOLE LIFE at work.  It makes sense to try and be happy there.  This is why so many people strive to find something they like to do, not just what they have to do. Doing something you “have” to do when it comes to you “job” means you work just enough not to get fired, but also not enough to get laden with loads of responsibility –  the kind of responsibility you may soon realise that you don’t get paid for.

This is why there is a huge difference between a job and a career for people today.  These differentiations are also trigger points for people wanting to be happy or stay positive in the office, however they view their employment.

So how? consider a few tips:

  • Work on developing gratitude: Appreciate what you have.  Appreciate the people you work with.  Look for the good in them.  It will strengthen your working relationship with them.  Just think, in 2011 an average of about 30 people applied for jobs – per job – in common industries.  So unless you are an Einstein with the facts to back it up, you are getting a paycheck.  Many are not getting anything.
  • Have a Good Laugh at Least Once a Day: Find your funniest colleague – or head over to YouTube – for a laugh on your lunch break.
  • Smile at and/or Say Hello to a Stranger at Least Once a Day: On your travel to work, tube, bus, train or on the platform, be nice and say hi.  It makes a world of difference.
  • Stab ’em in the front:  An interesting quote I read not so long ago.  What it means is that;”Friends stab friends in the front.” So , resist the temptation to stab your colleagues in the back. Instead, challenge yourself to be honest with your colleagues without being mean.
  • Makes lists, everyday: Doing this exercise helps to create purpose in what you do each day.  You will feel like you’ve been able to accomplish something by the end of the day and you’ll feel much more positive for it.
  • Find an outlet: Let’s be honest, life in the office can sometimes feel a bit like a Yo-yo.  It’s not all good all the time, which makes this all the more important!  Take your frustrations out on the weights at the gym, running, or calm yourself in a Yoga or a Zumba class.  Whatever you like “outside” the office, immerse yourself in it.   The key is to make sure you’re living a fulfilling and happy life outside your job—it’ll make the drama you endure after punching in far more tolerable.

Work can take a toll on anyone. But, finding a positive attitude in your office is a great way to relieve the stress and, at the same time, improve your productivity. Try some or all of these ideas into your work day, you can improve your focus and cultivate that important positive attitude.


  1. Thanks Desi. Yes, having an outlet is so important. For me it’s running and working out. Exercise is like pushing an “emotional reset button”. If they’re missing from my routine, I notice my mood gets really affected.

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