INFOGRAPHIC: Education and What do I.T guys really do?


IT Education 

These programs usually concentrate on the applied use of IT in areas such as computer networks, databases and programming.

Also called management information systems, the IS (or MIS) degree involves the study of programming, databases, and other computer concepts and applications. Often granted by a business school, the degree is less theoretical than the computer science major and more focused on the practical uses of computer systems in business.

Would-be techies planning to study computers in college have often been steered toward the computer science major, but as technology has changed, so have the degree options. If you are looking for a breakdown of this information then check out This Site.

Now, a whole range of computer-related degrees is available for students, there is also phd in usa scholarships available for any interested student. At a large research university, students interested in computers and information technology might be able to choose from three or more majors — one offered through the business school, one through the liberal arts school and others through the engineering or art schools.


Education: What do I.T guys do?

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