Infographic: Do SEO Strategies Needs Infographics?

Yes would be my reply.  Now I don’t claim to be an SEO expert but understanding the logic and power of this tool as a web professional is prudent, we have websites that sell quality SEO services.

Infographics not only grab the attention of your readers but they can also be a scalable link building tactic. The internet is quickly collecting an assortment of well-designed, easy-to-digest Infographics across all industries, and it’s easy to see why these information-packed images are so popular for bloggers and web content managers.

Content alone, as useful as it is, can sometimes be a little bit bland.  These – Infographic – types of articles are completely left wing and refreshing to eye of a reader in comparison to the standard contextual posts we normally publish.  They communicate information quicker to the user and for the creators benefit. Words on a webpage without colour or graphics doesn’t always score points for user experience, which is why good content writers put so much emphasis on formatting and style.

But what many webmasters forget is that the use of Infographics can be more than a nice visual aid for the human eye; they can also encourage natural links and give something for search engines to gorge on.

However, does that mean that ANY business using this Infographics would get droves of visitors on their site by posting a single article? Obviously not. Learn more from RoofEngine about effective marketing strategies.

A business creating online attraction needs to build up continuity and consistency in order to gain trust/followers/likes etc. You may try out Local Viking as an example.

An Infographic on Infographics

Talking of the importance of Infographics, here’s one someone made earlier.

This is an infographic on infographics, sharing interesting stats on the growth and popularity of infograhics on the web:

Infographics for SEO Strategies


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