The need to scuba dive again – St Thomas

I been fortunate enough to scuba dive in various places around the world and have met some people WAY more experienced than myself, some who show the skill to back up their qualified status, some who don’t but have the mouth for it.

Despite a few bad eggs, much of the people we (we = + my wife is my diving buddy) have met have been really cool people.

Several places stick out to me as being memorable dives, this place included. The reason? This is where I saw my second shark. An adolescent white tip reef shark. The instructor was an Australian really cool, quite laid back but was up on his species of sea life that was for sure!

This video I took was in 2010 during a dive, I still get goosebumps looking at it so I had to share.

The shark was about 4 feet and inches long. Since that sighting in 2010 I’ve been addicted to look for different species and have managed to see several species of sharks so I’ve been quite fortunate to be in the right place at the right time.

Easy Shot Clip Mini Camera

Well worth the money.

The camera I used was the Easy Shot Clip mini camera, which shoots YouTube ready video which is handy! It only costs me $100 dollars when I bought it in a dive shop in Miami. And it’s well worth it in terms of value. I’ll upload videos of other dives, hope you enjoyed the video.


  1. Tony says:

    Love the bit where it darts from out the rock, made me jump and I was not even there!

  2. […] I’m using the Easy Shot Clip mini camera for which you can find details about in one of my previous posts. Unfortunately the video is a little jumpy in parts as my hand was never really that […]

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