YouTube Feeds – How to’s and Useful tips

YouTube has never offered too many feeds and they were usually difficult to find. The new API that they released (ok not so new) did change that but it’s still not so easy to reach from the interface. I had to compile a list of YouTube feeds into a feed reader recently and was most annoyed so I’m sharing the wealth.  some Useful feed urls you can use;

1. Search feeds
(replace mapreduce with your query)

2. Search in a category
(Film is the category, while michel gondry is the query – you need to replace the space with %20. Other categories: Music, Comedy, News, Sports, Autos, Howto.)

3. The latest videos from a channel
(replace radiohead with your channel)

…or only the videos that match your keywords:

4. Feeds for favorite videos
(replace garyferro with your favorite username)

5. Playlists
(the code in italic can be obtained from the playlists’s URL

Bon appetite!

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