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Note to self: please use WinZip to unzip your files before reporting a styling error

Certificate of Idiocracy

Certificate of Idiocracy - Congratulations, you have won!

This is the second time that this has happened to this colleague (from here on in they will be referred to as “guy”) – the unfortunate thing was that I was somehow involved in this debacle.

I was tasked a very small project of creating a HTML page template, which was going to be sent onto the company’s partners – they would host the page and therefore drive traffic to the company at a cost.  Makes sense right?  Straightforward right?  Of course! Or so I thought…

It had relative paths, externalized CSS, the images folder sat within the CSS folder, the HTML page validated, browser tested the page so in short nothing amazing – it worked as it should.
So I asked the guy, how he wants to receive the finished files?

Zip it up and email it, that will be fine.

Done, sent, next task…but wait rewind a moment!

For two days, emails came my way saying Desi check your code, it’s not displaying right on my machine.  So being remote from the office, I checked my machine. Sent it to another machine as before, unzipped it and it worked.

The second day I was in the office, thinking I hope he followed in the BIG BOLD INSTRUCTIONS in the email to unzip the file. I popped around his desk, tried it myself.  It didn’t seem to be working.

So I sat there thinking what the hell is going on? Then I realized what he was doing, opening up the file directly from the email client and accessing the zipped file contents directly without decompressing the files, therefore enabling them to work.

Note to self: Before two days of useless madness ensues with any client you send files to, ask them first “DID YOU UNZIPPED THE FILE BEFORE VIEWING THE CONTENTS?”

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  1. Kalsoom says:

    Call me wind because I am abslouetly blown away.

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