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How many times has this scenario happened to you?

  1. Makes local changes to your style sheet(s).
  2. Upload the changes to the staging server.
  3. Switch to your browser and hit “reload”.
  4. Nothing happens.
  5. Force-reload. Nothing happens.
  6. Go back to make sure the upload is finished and successful.
  7. Reload again. Still nothing.
  8. Try adding !important. Upload, reload, nothing.
  9. Fight to control your “zen” whilst sitting at your computer.
  10. Check Firebug to see what’s overriding your new styles. Discover they aren’t being applied at all.
  11. Continue in that vein for several minutes before realizing you were hitting reload while looking at the live production server, not the staging server.
  12. Go to the staging server and see all your changes.
  13. Start cursing at your own idiocy.

Like many other well known developers out there (Eric Meyer back in the day! 😉 ), this has happened to me too, so when I saw the frustrations of a fellow developer I had to re-voice this.

There is are several ways of ensuring that your code is seen on the staging server but not on live – but the most effective way?

Load the right bookmark/type the correct URL in your address bar is a good starting point!

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  1. Harrison says:

    now i also need to remember if i want to do any ugrpades or installations i’ll need to switch back to hmmm may not be worth hosting on the cluster, just back up to the cluster and host off the ftp or raid4 server .

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