1. retroandswap

    Thank you for taking the time to write this, I’ve face some of the above in the recent months and strongly agree with your thoughts.

  2. Have to wait for the import of your blog to sink in. It does make sense to me. There’s one question though. We interact with, and hence respond to people, seldom with institutions. The choice of “Burning bridges”, therefore is personal. Now, when the institution, being larger, stands to be affected, mechanisms would ensure the elimination of the personal flavor, which I’d agree is most of the time myopic. Your comments?

    • This is true regarding people v organisations. If an organisation does something bad, people usually look for someone to blame, they don’t necessarily heap all of the blame on the person responsible. It’s a common act in human society today.

      Our professional values steep from our personal ones ultimately, so yes they are simply values, however for the purpose of the article splitting them in two is more precise and hopefully you like many others have been able to understand the link and that they are one and the same.

      I believe it is sometimes difficult to label a institution or their act as ‘myopic’. After all, it is people that are behind an organisation, ergo it is people that make the decisions so an individual would ultimately be cutting off individuals or vise versa.

      All people are encouraged to make the smart decision, although striving for the ideal is best. If every single person started thinking cut throat burning bridges and the like, think of how much worst society would become.

      It’s important that people regardless of whether they at the head of an institution or an employee, or an average joe walking down the street seriously consider all facets to a situation whilst principally striving for that ideal.

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